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WAVEONE brings simplicity to endodontics

WAVEONE, from Dentsply Maillefer, sets new standards in endodontics, by bringing simplicity to the root canal shaping procedure, using only one NiTi instrument per root canal in most cases.The X-SMART plus and WAVEONE motors work in a reciprocating mode. A large rotating angle in the cutting direction provides high efficiency, whereas a smaller angle in the reverse direction allows the WAVEONE file to safely progress along the canal path, whilst reducing the risk of a screwing effect and file breakage.

Single file technique

The reciprocating technique makes it possible to shape most root canals using only one single WAVEONE Nickel-Titanium file. The global shaping time is thus decreased by up to 40% versus a traditional continuous rotary technique.

The WAVEONE file geometry was conceived specifically to benefit from the reciprocating movement of the X-SMART plus and WAVEONE motors. The Dentsply M-Wire® NiTi provides flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue. The global performance of WAVEONE is the result of an extensive collaboration between Dentsply and some of the most prominent endodontists in the world.

Single patient use

DENTSPLY MAILLEFER advocates single patient use as a new standard of care, by proposing the WAVEONE reciprocating NiTi files exclusively in pre- sterilized blister packs and fitted with a non autoclavable handle. The advantages are numerous:

  • Simplicity – No need for reprocessing and organizing the WAVEONE NiTi files.
  • No risk for cross contamination – The WAVEONE NiTi files aren’t re-used.
  • Optimal cutting efficiency – A new instrument is used for each patient.
  • Better control of file breakage – The cyclic fatigue is reduced to a minimum.

WAVEONE system solution

  • WAVEONE NiTi files, available in 3 sizes; small (021 .06), primary (025 . 08), large (040 .08) and in 3 lengths; 21, 25 and 31mm.
  • X-SMART plus and WAVEONE endo motors, for reciprocation and continuous motion.
  • WAVEONE paper points, gutta percha points and obturators, with the same sizes and colour coding as the WAVEONE files. The new WAVEONE THERMAPREP® 2 oven is intended to be used with the WAVEONE obturators.
  • X-SMART plus – WAVEONE Kit, including files and motor
  • WAVEONE Starter Kits, including files, motor and obturation solution.
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