Hydrorise - Light body wash - Normal set

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The hyper-hydrocompatible A-Silicone

 High performance for Hydrorise, the hyper-hydrocompatible A-Silicone for high precision impression, which adapts to different impression techniques (double step impression, simultaneous impression with double viscosity and monophase impression) in various clinical situations.

The exclusive AMDA (Advanced Moisture Displacement Action) technology, developed by the Zhermack research, favours a precise reproduction of details in the humid environment of the mouth, while preserving the integrity of the impression margins due to its tear strength. Its excellent hydrocompatibility ensures a greater fluidity of the silicone, which adapts perfectly to different dental morphologies and considerably improves the quality of the impression. Hydrorise was also formulated to meet the needs of the patient: thanks to its thixotropy, the silicone does not flow in the mouth during impression taking. The synergy of its physical and mechanical properties make Hydrorise a precise and reliable silicone for professionals as they can optimize their working times and also increase the comfort of the patient during impression taking.



• Ideal working time/setting time ratio:
– Long working time
– Shorter permanence in the oral cavity

• Biocompatibility

• High hydrocompatibility

• Thixotropy

• Mint scent

• Normal and fast setting for all 6 viscosities


• Maximum precision in detail reproduction

• Resistance to deformation

• Excellent elastic recovery

• High dimensional stability

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