Dento Viractis DV33 - Antiseptic soap 1L

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Mild Antiseptic soap for hand washing

Mild antiseptic soap with a broad spectrum of activity. The Dento-Viractis 33 formula combines anti-microbial efficacy with high cutaneous tolerance.



Designed for hygienic or surgical hand-washing for all persons working under aseptic conditions (surgeons, dentists, physicians, nurses, etc.) or entering operating blocks or industrial clean rooms. Suitable for frequent use.



Cleans and disinfects hands with efficacy.
Bactericidal: NF EN 1040, NFT 72-171, NF EN 12791, NF EN 1499, NFT 72-301 vs salmonella, listeria, monocytogenes.
Fungicidal: NFT 72201 vs candida albicans.
Without colouring agents: prevents allergies.

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