Cutanplast Dental - Hemostatic sponges, 24pcs sterilized

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CUTANPLAST DENTAL - Hemostatic sponge

  • Cutanplast is a gelatin hemostatic sponge in cubes with a rapid haemostatic effect, disposable and fully reabsorbed.
  • Ideal for haemostasis in post extraction and in cases where bleeding has to be controlled.
  • Cutanplast can be cut and shaped to meet operator needs and guarantees a fast, effective haemostatic effect.
  • Its soft and malleable material makes it easy to fit the sponge into the desired area, offering a comfortable and quick relief to the patient.
  • Cutanplast hemostatic sponge is provided in sterile packing of each cube to prevent any cross-contamination.

Size 1x1x1cm

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