30K Cavitron SlimLine Insert FSI-10 Straight

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Ultrasonic scaling inserts

The Cavitron FSI Slim Insert -10S 30K has a focused spray design for light deposit removal and deplaquing pockets of 4mm. This insert is also useful for Perio maintenance patients.

Cavitron FSI Slimline Inserts are designed to achieve highly efficient but gentle subgingival ultrasonic instrumentation. Being almost as slim as a periodontal probe, Cavitron FSI Slimline Inserts can access even deep pockets as well as the tooth’s furcation.

The instruments adapt to the natural root’s surface in every quadrant to ensure a highly efficient, non-cutting treatment. The 'Focused Spray'-technology provides reliable lavage even in deep pockets and reduces aerosol at the same time.

Cavitron FSI Slimline Inserts are also available with the new FITGRIP™. This unique one piece design allows the hygienist’s fingers to naturally conform to the grip. The larger diameter lessens muscle load and pinch force.

Cavitron FSI Slimline R-Curve and L-Curve are designed as a complimentary pair for use.

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